Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Best New football cleats?

im in high school and its gonna be my senior year i have worn many types of cleats and for my senior year i want the best so come on help me out

They have to be big shoes cuz im a lineman

Best New football cleats?
Some good shoes are the Under Armour %26quot;Click-Clacks%26quot;, the Nike Vapor Jet TD (very light), Adidas paydirt D, Nike Air Zoom Boss D, or Nike Air Zoom Apocalypse 4.

A good Magazine is %26quot;Eastbay%26quot; or Eastbay.com

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Monday Night Football- No idea who I should be rooting for...read details?

Tonight: Ohio vs. Florida

Well, I was born in Ohio so that makes me want to root for Ohio.

But, I live in Florida now and also, I went to high school with Tim Tebow.

I know maybe I should probably not care who wins in that situation but...if you were in my shoes and you HAD to root for one of them which team would you pick?


Monday Night Football- No idea who I should be rooting for...read details?
Root for whoever is winning.
Reply:You%26#039;ve gotta root for the Ohio State Buckeyes. You can%26#039;t root against the state that you came from; I have tried and I have failed miserably.

Just because you are now living in Florida, it doesn%26#039;t mean that you should go along and support the Gators. People have a natural attraction to their home state and that should make you root for the Buckeyes.

Besides, the Ohio State Buckeyes are the superior team and have long fielded a better athletic program with a greater tradition than the Gators.

Go with the Buckeyes!

--The Sports Guru
Reply:Just watch the game as a neutral observer.
Reply:you were born in ohio so you can enjoy watching the game in florida but routing for ohio state and then rub it in your florida friends faces when ohio state wins
Reply:Do you want to root for a winner? Than root for the Buckeyes. If you are born in Ohio, it is a sin to root for any other team. You believe in God, right?!! LOL.....

OH.....IO!!!!!! GO BUCKS!!!
Reply:Florida is full of Ohio State fans, as well as Arizona. So don%26#039;t let that decide for you. Once a Buckeye, always a Buckeye.

GO BUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Someone asnwer this who likes football (soccer)?


Anyone know of any gold adidas shoes, or anything similar to this? That isn%26#039;t very expensive

Someone asnwer this who likes football (soccer)?
The Absolute Trx from adidas is a very good boot.
Reply:Buy a pair of white Adidas and spray paint or just paint them gold

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What shoes go with these jeans?

I need to know because I%26#039;m leaving to a football game at 6:30pm and it%26#039;s 5:50pm right now. These are the jeans I have:


I have a green tank top with a yellow over-shirt on.

I have white tennishoes, and all colors of flip-flops.

Thanks in advance!

What shoes go with these jeans?
You should wear the flip flops

Green or yellow
Reply:any kind
Reply:green flip flops or gold sparkley shoes from academy or white flip flops :)))

Hope I Helped :))
Reply:definately flip-flops!!!
Reply:green flip-flops
Reply:yellow, black or green flip flops. And its not what shoes will go with the jeans. what shoes will go with the outfit. abything (almost) goes with jeans.
Reply:the flip flops
Reply:Yellow or green flip flops. Casual, but they still look ultra cute.
Reply:try old navy theres the best tees and tanks there

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Its Football Time Again!?

what do i wear to the first JV game tomorrow?

i need help, i want to be stylish %26amp; comfortable..

but i want to show school spirit too!?

what should i wear?








i NEED help!!!

please and thanks bunches

Its Football Time Again!?
don%26#039;t worry about even trying.. nobody pays attention to anyone except for us cheerleaders ;-)
Reply:my advise is be yourself, its gonna be hot so be comfortable,

and they look at more that the cheerleaders, if i was there, they would look at me..JK


What kind of shoes souls don't burn out?

because since im in 5th grade i always play football and the souls keep burning out

What kind of shoes souls don%26#039;t burn out?
just go bare foot....then you dont have to worry about burning out the soles of your shoes
Reply:Shoes don%26#039;t have souls. They have soles .
Reply:WTF.....Probably good shoes.

Have a wonderful day!
Reply:Go to a %26quot;Red Wing%26quot; store... bout the best shoe out there


Running shoes?

i run on the fields behind my home and as i live in england they are more often than not muddy. i started off with trainers but it was far too slippery so i switched to football boots with blades. i would assume they are okay to run in and wont hurt my feet (footballers do run after all). : )

i just want to know if they are okay to run in and wont damage my feet?

Running shoes?
I think if your feet are comfortable in them you%26#039;ll be fine they probably don%26#039;t have the nice cushioned soul of a running shoe, but you don%26#039;t need that kinda of support if your running in the conditions you described, just watch out for any roads you might have to cross cleats can be dangerously slippery on hard surfaces .Have fun
Reply:u cant run as fast as u do with your spikes... it doesn%26#039;t make any effect on your running... your speed remains the same...

u%26#039;ll not have a good balance...

so it is better to use spikes shoes...
Reply:i dont think that football boots are made to be run in alot i dont thik that they give you enoughrt when you run....

but if they feel fine to you than its ok

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