Tuesday, April 14, 2009

2 year old walks the length of a football field and crosses a highway. Mom druged up, dad drunk, should I tel

Mom and Dad in bed on drugs etc. 2 yr old walks the distance of football field crosses the highway and is finely found all cought up in barb wire. The child was not hurt. Mother took a switch to him for doing that. The next day dad braggs that the way he finds the 2 yr old is when he goes in the woods is by his shoes that light up when he walks. I do not want to hurt these people, but I am afraid for that child. There have been other events, this one the most frightening. What should I do?

2 year old walks the length of a football field and crosses a highway. Mom druged up, dad drunk, should I tel
It%26#039;s time to call Social Services.

This is beyond an accident, a child this age CANNOT be left alone, especially if they can get outside and to a HIGHWAY. Keep in mind though you%26#039;ll need proof of these things in order for DSS to do anything.
Reply:Your worries need to be fo the welfare of the CHILD-the parents can fend for themselves.
Reply:I don%26#039;t know what you want to do but I would call child services.
Reply:Don%26#039;t wait till the childs dead, then you%26#039;ll feel even worse. TELL TELL TELL!!!!

Obviously his parents don%26#039;t care anyway, you%26#039;d be doing a huge thing for that child.
Reply:Do you really need to ask? Call Child Protective Services or the police. That poor child needs to be in a place where he is protected and loved. Those parents do not deserve him. Don%26#039;t wait another second.
Reply:You know what....I would be haveing the same thoughts. I don%26#039;t like to tell on people at all. Then you get labled as a snitch and things like that BUT....I thought about it and...I think its a small price to pay to save a childs life. That kid needs help. Where I live there is a big meth problem and the only way I have ever seen them shape up is to take their kids away. You absolutly should say something about it. Even if its to the parents themselves. No child should be scolded for their parents behavior let alone be going anywhere by him/her self!
Reply:That is so sad!You need to take some kind of action before that baby ends up more than just hurt.And it sounds like the mom and dad need a dose of their on medicine.
Reply:Yes, call DHS. They shouldn%26#039;t use your name and this child is being severely neglected and it could have devestating conquenses. You will never forgive yourself if the happens. Call!
Reply:I agree with everyone else. Child Services needs to be called. Just think how you would feel if this child died and you knew you could have prevented it. If Child Services would move quick enough, inform your local police department. Make enough noise that someone will look into it not just promise to.
Reply:Call the authorities. That%26#039;s what they%26#039;re there for. Leave it up to them. If something happens to the kid, you%26#039;ll never forgive yourself.
Reply:I wouldn%26#039;t even finish reading all of the answers on this website. I would be calling DSS pronto. I don%26#039;t know what makes me more mad...the child walking across the highway or getting a switch for wandering...sheesh what is this world coming to!
Reply:Call the Police! Otherwise this child is going to wind up dead!
Reply:In all honesty you have to ask ppl what to do!! It%26#039;s obvious get the kid some help
Reply:Yes save the childs life!

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