Tuesday, April 14, 2009

FOOTBALL CLEATS!!! Not soccer?

hello im a quarterback going to be a freshman and play some jv to. I need to know some of the new cleats coming out and if none are, what are the lightest and best screw in cleats they can be 1/2 screw in they just have to be atleast 1/2 screw in. Please no soccer shoes.

FOOTBALL CLEATS!!! Not soccer?
Honestly, does it really matter? If you want something light, just get a pair of nikes, strap em on, and go play. Gear doesn%26#039;t make a good player, hard work and willpower does.

Edit: Nike doesn%26#039;t require screwon on a lot of their items, and who else thinks Special-K is working for Under Armour? Lol.
Reply:first of all i would like to adress the people who when someone asks a question about cleats ..... u automatically say UA......ur stupid........although they are very comfortable, they%26#039;re not worth paying 100 dollars for.......ok.......back to the question.....u shouldn%26#039;t buy scre-in cleats, unless required, because its too much junk to worry about........just get molded cleats(the bottom part) that are low tops.......because they%26#039;re inexpnsive......reliable......and allow u to move freely (because ur ankles aren%26#039;t covered by anything), But in my opinion i would get high top/mid top cleats because although they%26#039;ll restrict movement.....they protect ur ankles....and lets face it ur a quaterback...so i doubt ull be running a lot
Reply:i agree
Reply:The new Under Armor SPEED II LOW D

Designed for the fastest players on the field. Lightweight, breathable upper with UA Metal™ technology keeps you dry and light for explosive cuts and acceleration. UA Dual Plate Technology and Progressive Traction cleats elevate every step to rocket propulsion. Metal tipped 7-stud configuration offer maximum traction and durability.


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