Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Why is Superbowl Sunday the one day that people who don't give a crap about football pretend to be super fans

Like my roommate. He%26#039;s just about the biggest flaming queen ever. He%26#039;s 35 years old and likes Hillary Duff movies and lousy dance/club music, and he just has a tantrum if he can%26#039;t have his Gucci shoes and Prada bags, and is always asking me if his new $300 designer jeans makes his butt look good.

But on Superbowl Sunday, he pretends to be all pissed off when so-and-so drops the ball. Come on, really. I don%26#039;t give a crap about football, but at least I don%26#039;t pretend.

Why is Superbowl Sunday the one day that people who don%26#039;t give a crap about football pretend to be super fans
lmao@the description of your roommate.

I%26#039;m not really sure. An excuse to have a party probably.
Reply:Maybe it brings out his manly side....
Reply:light%26#039;n up. all band wagoneers are qweer.
Reply:Very good question.

Alot of it this year was the media hyping up the Patriots 18 - 0 and promoting the Giants, who are awsome, as the underdog...

All about ratings. Getting crap for brains one-day-a-year football fans to tune in
Reply:Are you a queen too?? and what does your roommate do during the season? If he is a football fan all season long then it is you that has a problem.
Reply:Please inform us all on what we are allowed to enjoy and when. Thank you.
Reply:Maybe its because so many milllions of people watch it. I watch it for the commercials, which sucked this year by the way!!
Reply:LOL. Seriously I agree! I don%26#039;t care about football even though I%26#039;m in Boston! I think people use it as an excuse to get drunk and yes, pretend that they care. It%26#039;s silly, but whatever. It was a good game, but the people who generally don%26#039;t like (or understand) football just look dumb when they try to pretend that they do. Then again it%26#039;s more of a social thing...especially for college folks I suppose...
Reply:i am just like your friend
Reply:slick advertising, the media tells us we must have superbowl parties so we buy beer and chips, Humans are nothing more than Sheep, BAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!
Reply:It%26#039;s an unofficial national holiday...and you obviously hate your roommate lol
Reply:Well some girls act that way to try to impress some guy, maybe its the same story with your gay roommate, he%26#039;s trying to impress a guy who likes football by pretending to be in to it too.
Reply:The same reason people who don%26#039;t watch/like football watch the World Cup. Community feeling? Patriotic?
Reply:It doesn%26#039;t take a super fan to be disappointed at a fumble.

Football is fun and to those who don%26#039;t follow it it can still be fun when there is a lot at stake. The super bowl is essentially the championship of the world. Just because you don%26#039;t like it doesn%26#039;t mean that others shouldn%26#039;t.

It sounds like your issue has more to do with homophobia than football. You don%26#039;t like your roommate enjoying a stereotypically heterosexual activity more than you do. Get over it and grow up.

And treat your roommate with more respect than this. Have some dignity.

Oh, and by the way, YES, we all know you%26#039;re lying about your roommate.
Reply:whats wrong with having some fun with the game and picking a team???... loosen up
Reply:I don%26#039;t watch football that much myself, but I didn%26#039;t pretend to like it. That game was exciting !

When it%26#039;s a seesaw match-up, the last football game of the year, and you have a team in mind that you want to win.

You would automatically get a little fanatical !

Your just mad because the Patriots lost, and now you owe alot of money, and probably have to do what your roommate says for a week too ... hahaha
Reply:there are alot of super bowl parties,free food and drinks.Some people pretend for the attention.

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