Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Football try outs for high school question?

what do i need to bring? equipment? i have never tried out i heard u only need to bring fb shoes?

Football try outs for high school question?
Well usually most teams have conditioining over the summer (usually starts at the end of June, goes till end of July) which are just 3 hour morning conditioning sessions. For those you will just need shorts t shirt and cleats. Most schools give out shoulder pads, helmets, rib guards, and practice jerseys. You will also get your uniform later. You will need practice pants, your own 7 piece pad set (two knees, two thighs, two hips, and tail) a cup, a mouthguard, chin strap, and if you want socks for practice (not recommended for 100 degree 2 a days).
Reply:its different for each school, but all you should need are your cleats and whatever else you want to wear, tshirt and gym shorts.
Reply:yeah just take cleats

maybe shorts and a shirt just incase


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