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Look high school football im a freshman any help would be good thnx?

56 im a freshman right now i play outside linebacker and tight end im 6%26#039;3 225 lbs i rep with that on bench and i wear a size 15 and 16 shoe size and i just turned 15 a wile back do i have a good chance at football and wat could i do to get better?

Look high school football im a freshman any help would be good thnx?
I have played at all levels of football...here is a few recommendations for you:

1) Do drills to make you quicker.

2)Increase your lower body strength by doing clean-n-jerk, squats and hip sled.

3)Do endurance reps on the bench press, start with 225 do as much as you can do the go down in 10 to 20 Pound increments. This will increase your strength faster than any other bench excessive. I learned this from our trainer when i played with the desperado%26#039;s.

4)work on studying the opponent because this will give you an advantage

5)stay low and watch the cuts and slices that the o-line and backs Will do

6)communicate with your team mates and watch for different hints that will help you know where the play is going and the blocking will be

7)run, run and run more

8)have fun!
Reply:I think that you would be a great football player i would say that you practice getting hit by big guys-slammed so that you are prepared to get hit, make sure that you can run really good to!
Reply:Desperado%26#039;s and this last answer are perfect. Remember, a high school player has never gone straight to the pros, and they never will. Make sure you train with the college game in mind, not the pros. Once you begin to excel at the college game, then start preparing for the pros.

Good luck!
Reply:what%26#039;s your 40 time son? i wanna know what that is cuz if it is not at least a 4.9 then you better bulk up and be a DT.
Reply:the Desperado Answers are excellent


1.attend certain College /program camps to see what is hot -what is not,and check out competition

2.keep balance in girth and quickness

3 enhance hand,and arm speed

4 improve directional change ability

5 do not be afraid to fail or take risks,try multiple positions

6 do web site on yourself showing hi-lites of upcoming season

6 go to USC if you are really good

fight on
Reply:Stay in shape and strong. Work on you agility and stamina. When you go and tryout there%26#039;s no guarantee you%26#039;ll get to play the position you want to. Coach might think you%26#039;ll be better use elsewhere. So don%26#039;t commit yourself to being at a certain postioin. Most importantly HAVE FUN. Don%26#039;t forget that this may be one of the only times when you get to put these pads on. Theres may be a big chance that you wont play after HS. So enjoy and always give it your all.



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