Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What shoes go with these jeans?

I need to know because I%26#039;m leaving to a football game at 6:30pm and it%26#039;s 5:50pm right now. These are the jeans I have:


I have a green tank top with a yellow over-shirt on.

I have white tennishoes, and all colors of flip-flops.

Thanks in advance!

What shoes go with these jeans?
You should wear the flip flops

Green or yellow
Reply:any kind
Reply:green flip flops or gold sparkley shoes from academy or white flip flops :)))

Hope I Helped :))
Reply:definately flip-flops!!!
Reply:green flip-flops
Reply:yellow, black or green flip flops. And its not what shoes will go with the jeans. what shoes will go with the outfit. abything (almost) goes with jeans.
Reply:the flip flops
Reply:Yellow or green flip flops. Casual, but they still look ultra cute.
Reply:try old navy theres the best tees and tanks there

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