Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Should I play football????

I%26#039;m a natural basketball player. I%26#039;m 13 and 4 months. I weigh 165 and i am 6%26#039;1%26quot;- 6%26#039;2%26quot;. I am naturally skinny but i started lifting weights at 11 years old and now i%26#039;m really well built. I%26#039;m not that fast of a runner, i%26#039;d say average. I can kick a football a long distance. I wear a size 15 1/2 -16 shoe. I am not very aggresive. I%26#039;ve never even been in a fight. That%26#039;s why i didn%26#039;t make the basketball team even though i%26#039;m tall. I have been told i would make a great quarterback or punter. Ever since I started lifting weights I have been able to throw a football really far. The only problem is that i don%26#039;t have a great aim. Everybody thinks i should play football. Do you think i should??

by the way i%26#039;m in 8th grade and football season is over so I will be trying out for a JV Highschool team next year.


Should I play football????
if you like it go for it!
Reply:Yea I%26#039;d say your built like a Quaterback, just work on your aim with a friend or something and go for it
Reply:If you have to come to Yahoo Answers to get your answer.... No.
Reply:u have the physique of a basketball player
Reply:I think you should try football IF YOU WANT TO. Do not start something that others want you to do unless you are going to put your heart into it.
Reply:go for and then decide if you liked it after one season
Reply:well, you have the quarterback build. hell, you can punt and qb. but you have to have heart. thats what football is all about. be ready to work.
Reply:na, pansies shouldnt play football
Reply:omg YES its supperrr hot im in 9th trust me ull be able to get more girls
Reply:If you like to play football then go play football.
Reply:violent land acquisition games are a crypto-fascist metaphor for nuclear war .
Reply:not really. in fact, you can learn far more being on a team like cross country or gymnastics. anything but football. it is very, very popular and helps some young men grow and succeed but the vast majority suffer from a crazy dellusion that they will be the next joe montana or payton manning -- jim brown or oj? you are more likely to be the next tom cruise in hollywood. a very bad investment in a very demanding high-risk sport. anything but american football. something to avoid.
Reply:you should football is America%26#039;s pastime .it aint nothng funner than hiting someone in knocking there helmet of.i say go for it but don%26#039;t lie are you realy 6-1 in i dont think they sell 15 1/2 shoe size i dont know any one or heard any one that was that big in if you were that size you wouldnt be done growing in when you were done growing you would be about 6-5 wearing a 17 now that would be ridiculous


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