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Interview at CVS tomorrow at 11 ,I have no work experience being a Student athlete all my life.Coll Football?

I have been on interviews to home depot...circuit city...sears...and walgreens but no calls back...I have been in college for two years on a football scholarship but left because of money laundering by the coaches...So looking to transfer next fall for the time being looking for work...Why Havent I got a Job yet? and what should I do...I dress for success button shirt ..black slacks and shoes..clean ...and smelling good...do I need a resume? I have no work experience...But I was in a Computer Magnet program...and was my teams captain on football team...where Am I going wrong? plz help

Interview at CVS tomorrow at 11 ,I have no work experience being a Student athlete all my life.Coll Football?
I did the hiring for CVS for 5 yrs, be on time/early for your interview, be polite, make your schedule as flexible as possible (without lying to get the job) and answer the questions honestly.

Bring your resume if you have one(not necessary though,) Identification and social security card.

If the interview goes will they may decide to hire you while you are there, especially for students that have no work experience ( no references to check )

They will have the head cashier and stock clerk train you over the course of 2-3 days so don%26#039;t worry about not having experience.

Good luck to you :)
Reply:Yes you need to create a resume. Tailor the resume to who you are, instead of work experience include community service, skills, education, things of that nature. Given your age and educational history an employer is not going to expect much of a work history. Maximize on your strength as a team player you must know something about that if you play on a football team. Wear a tie if you don%26#039;t already wear one. Be sure to smile during the interview. thank the interviewer for his or her time. Get their contact information and send a thank you letter. These are just a few things that may work.
Reply:I think with no experience and it%26#039;s CVS you shouldn%26#039;t need a resume. Just be sure you filled out the application to state your civics and your interests or other hobbies that may help you fulfill the job description.

Always be polite, eloquent and do not say %26#039;umm%26#039;.... and yes, be early.. always be early, but not TOO early because then you look desperate.

Good Luck!

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