Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Huge Son's Football Uniform is way too small?

My son is a freshman in high school and is on the varsity football team. He%26#039;s a giant. He is about 6 foot 10 with size 20 shoe. He weighs like 425 pounds. he%26#039;s got huge muscles but he%26#039;s also a bit of a fatty. The problem is that there are no uniforms that fit him. His football pants look like they are going to rip every time he moves. His big bubble butt doesnt help. And his jersey comes down to his mid chest and his belly flops out. What do I tell him? He tells me he likes being huge but hates wearing skin tight football gear.

My Huge Son%26#039;s Football Uniform is way too small?
i just got my football equipment today and i see why your son likes a lose uniform because it limits movement my helmets too small and my ears feel like there gonna rip and my heads squished in it you should let your son play in whatever he feels is necessery to perform at his best
Reply:I seriously hope this is a bogus question. However, you need to get that child to a doctor to talk about his weigh, and get him on a diet. Shame on you as a parent for letting his weight get as his as it is. You and your family should be worried more for his health then how his football uniform looks. People like you sicken me.
Reply:Maybe he should try loosing weight with some encouragement from you.Most over weight people are unhappy an use this same line as an excuse.Talk with the coach about this without your son knowing.That way he want think this was your idea.

Good luck

My daughter is over weight.she was always the biggest in her class.When this happens to her .I always tell her the truth.It%26#039;s best to hear it from your family first.This daughter has now graduated an has high self esteem.She has been loosing weight an attends a musical college where she wants to dance on broadway.I told her that she can do anything that she wants to do.You have to want it an to stay focus.

Good luck

He could be the next biggest paid football player.Don%26#039;t make to big of a deal out of this.
Reply:If you or your son are willing to dish out the money, talk to the coach about ordering your own uniform. It%26#039;ll be made to fit him, and over the next 4 years he%26#039;ll put it to use.

Wearing clothing like that while playing football is not only embarrassing, it%26#039;s unsafe. Imagine him trying to run, but his legs have to work extra hard against the resistance of the tight pants. His legs will be overworked, sore, and more prone to injury.
Reply:Has he been evaluated by a doctor? His hormone levels in particular? An abnormally large amount of growth hormone could cause some of these size issues and could indicate a type of tumor in his pituitary gland. He really needs to have these checked if they haven%26#039;t been already.

As far as the uniform, it probably wouldn%26#039;t cost all that much to order one or have one made. If he%26#039;s on the varsity team, the local football boosters or parent%26#039;s association might even be willing to help out.

Please make sure he sees a doctor soon.
Reply:try to get the same material that uniform is made of and have a seamstress alter the uniform to custom fit your son.
Reply:it will be expensive but you might have to have his uniform custom made for him, and talk to the coach or athletic director about him having a permanent # for his whole time playing football i mean like all 4 yrs. if you can%26#039;t tell him that its what he has to do if he really wants to play football
Reply:You are a terrible parent to be talking like that!!! You need to get that kid on a diet!!! I bet you are 100 pounds overweight too but youre too much of a pussy to do anything about it. just make the kid a damn uniform with your fat hands instead of calling him fat and bubble butt.
Reply:How could you talk about your son like that? Calling him a bubble butt and that he has a huge floppy gut. JUST MAKE HIM A UNIFORM!!!
Reply:why don%26#039;t you buy aonther one or make one.
Reply:How could you talk about your son like that? Calling him a bubble butt and that he has a huge floppy gut. JUST MAKE HIM A UNIFORM!!!


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