Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What clothes should football player wear ?

What type of shoes ?

Top part ?

botom part ?

What clothes should football player wear ?
Hail, rain or snow...wear shorts.

Any t-shirt will do or if you have one, a football jersey. And if it%26#039;s raining you might want a light sports rain jacket but don%26#039;t need it.

Shoes depend on the type of ground you%26#039;re playing on. Preferably football boots - with studs on soft, slippy, wet ground or blades on hard dry ground. If it%26#039;s dry, hard ground you can wear runners, which you might find more comfortable if you%26#039;re not used to boots. It%26#039;s always a good idea to bring runners and boots so you can change if necessary.

And wear suitable football socks, especially if you%26#039;re wearing boots but also if you%26#039;re wearing runners. Otherwise you could end up with blisters.
Reply:It is not a T shirt it is known as a football shirt, I suggest you stick to your netball mate.
Reply:Football boots, T-shirt and shorts!


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