Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Can someone tell me????

i play football but i am not bst i want to know how to get good shots without wearing football shoes(stuts).i play wearing sports shoes.also tell me good tricks of attacking and defencing.

Can someone tell me????
The alternative to wearing studs is to ware astroturf shoes these are still designed to play football with and still give you the strength and controll over the ball and good grip on any floor that you may be playing on. You can get astroturf shoe from any good sports shop really.

In defence you dont really use many tricks you just aim on clearing the ball from your area if a striker is heading for you of you are aiming at just keeping hold of the ball. To be a defender you must have good speed/pace, agilaty and quite strong to be able to tackle strikers.

Being a striker there ate many tricks that you could do eg stepovers and around the world some ways to do tricks can be found on


To be a striker you need to be fast to get past defenders have a good shot on you and have great controll over the ball.

I hope that this helps!
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