Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Did you acquire a nic name while growing up and why were you named that?

I was called %26quot;Shoes%26quot; while playing football in high school. My football shoe laces became untied often and I was always tying them on the football field. A neighbor of mine named me that in front of the spectators. To this day I am still called that.

Did you acquire a nic name while growing up and why were you named that?
My nick name was acquired because of the odd name I have(Neillie). Beings it was difficult for little ones to say or remember I got tagged with the nickname Ne-Ne. My younger brother got a real laugh doing a crossword puzzle one day when he discovered that Ne-Ne was another name for a Hawaiian Goose.To this day majority of friends and family still refer to me as Ne or Ne-Ne.
Reply:some of my friends call me ditzy because i am mostly...but suni is my nickname. it is shortened for sunaina,, my friend emily came up with it, but a lot of ppl call me suni now
Reply:My best friend and I had the same first name so it was hard for our mom%26#039;s to call one of us without getting both of us. She was nicknamed Corky by her family. We lived on the same dead-end dirt road out in the country with only 8 houses, so we knew everyone and everyone knew us. It was around Easter time and had eaten all the jelly beans in my Easter basket (or so I%26#039;ve been told) and I went door-to-door down the road asking everyone if they had any old jelly beans leftover that they could give me. Evidently it was the talk of the neighborhood and I inherited the nickname Beaner.
Reply:my nick name was %26quot; STINKER %26quot;.

cause i farted alot.


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