Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Do people know the nice guy goody two shoes can beat the crap out of the crude @$$holes?

The only time the nice guy has been shown to be a threat was in The Mask actually winning a fight, and Superman when he was throwing wife beaters against the wall.

Here are some comparrisons to convince you

Red Skull vs Captain America Think of the crude asshole as the Red Skull. Think of the nice guy goody two shoes as Cap. Why does he win well let me see underestimated overconfident have the burning rage to beat the crap out of one of the worst kind of villains a woman beater the crude a$$hole. Also the fact they crude a$$holes stand for what%26#039;s wrong in this country.

Huskies vs Hurricans 90s college football game Everyone thought that the Hurricanes 48 game winning streak simply would just dominate and roll over the Huskies. Did that happen no the Huskies kicked their @$$ in their home stadium 38-20 ending their winning streak. Huskies ran a race and Hurricanes were well behind and just could not keep up. Again crude assholes thinking piece of cake does it happen no.

Do people know the nice guy goody two shoes can beat the crap out of the crude @$$holes?
because you do not expect them to dig down deep and smash
Reply:i knew that, and i think that the @$$ holes deserve it.
Reply:That%26#039;s a nice guy turning into a a$$hole.
Reply:dude the first place team rarely ever wins the championship. especially in college basketball
Reply:Yes i know now that you told me.
Reply:Good point!

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