Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Football cleats?

I%26#039;m joining the freshman football team and I need cleats, obviously. I found a really nice pair that i think i%26#039;m goin to buy, but my regular shoe size is around 8.5. With cleats are you supposed to size up or down? Cuz the pair i want, the smallest size is 9. Do you think i%26#039;ll grow into them? or look for another pair or buy a even larger size. Thanks.

Football cleats?
I would buy a 9 right now. You wil have thick socks, and you should grow into them.

Good luck this year.
Reply:With cleats you want to get them in about the same size as your regular shoes, or maybe a little bit bigger. You don%26#039;t want them to be too tight or too lose, or you will get blisters. You prolly want the 9%26#039;s or even 9.5%26#039;s would be fine, as you will prolly grow into them a little bit, but don%26#039;t go much bigger than that.
Reply:i would by them if you can%26#039;t find the right size, but if you do get the right size ones. Because not all football teams have color coordinated socks to go with their uniforms, mine didn%26#039;t.

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