Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Do football kickers have to wear a special shoe for kicking?

i am going to become a kicker next year

Do football kickers have to wear a special shoe for kicking?
A lot (darn near all) kickers wear soccer cleats b/c soccer cleats have no spike in the front of the foot, allowing them to get a smoother kick off the ground (i.e. the spike on regular football cleats would get caught on the ground thereby disrupting the kicking motion)
Reply:Nope, There are quite a few professionals that wear NO SHOE at all!
Reply:Some kickers prefer shoes with more pointed toes while others prefer a toe that is more square. Another consideration might be the tackiness. Some people do better with a slicker shoe while others like one that is a little %26quot;tackier%26quot;. Other kickers want to feel the ball as they kick and don%26#039;t want a shoe to interfere, so they go barefoot.

They do make shoes designed especially for kicking but you just want to try and find the shoe which gives you the best results with regard to both distance and accuracy. For you, that may or may not be a kicking shoe. In fact, it may mean no shoe at all.

Here%26#039;s 2 sites with shoes designed specifically for kicking. I%26#039;m sure there are others.


Reply:Some Kickers where soccer cleats, and NO! There are NOT quite a few of kickers that go shoeless. The last kicker to not wear a shoe was in 1981, with the exception of a one game revival by a Tampa bay kicker during the 04 season.
Reply:I know alot of kickers just wear scoccer cleats. There is a special shoe for kickers that don%26#039;t kick soccer style. It is flat in the front and has a harder toe.


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