Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Football/soccer boots/cleats SIZE..need help?

I have size 8.5 shoes, and am getting Nike Total 90 Lasers. I was thinking of getting size 9.5 - 10, just because i cant buy new cleats every year. but im worried they may be too loose. any advice would help.

Football/soccer boots/cleats SIZE..need help?
Buy new cleats size 9 1/2 because u will grow.Dont worry its not that big.But size 10 i think its to big.

Or buy less expensive shoes in Models or in *****.
Reply:It might be O.K because the socks usually make your feet bigger!
Reply:I agree with the poster who recommended less expensive cleats. You can get them even cheaper than at Dick%26#039;s - Academy Sports is usually a better deal. You could get six pairs of Pumas for the price of one pair of Lasers. If you can afford one pair of Lasers every other year, you could afford three pairs of Pumas every year. That way you can have a new pair every four months and have them fit exactly! Or - you could take the money you save and use for it more training equipment.
Reply:The chances are you are going to grow, but wait until you are about to buy the shoes and check your shoe size and get it about a half size bigger than it is. If you figure you are done growing,I still recommend to get it half a size bigger. It will be very loose if you do get a full size bigger. Also, I say just the half-size bigger, because your feet will swell up while you are using them.
Reply:don%26#039;t spend that much money now on shoes if you are worried about it. In soccer it is essential for a good strike to have a boot that is the right size. I know many a lad who wears one size smaller for his boots, however, I suggest whatever works for you. 9%26#039;s would be a good size, even if you grow to 9.5s

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