Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Some guys have been picking on me at football practice?

Some guys have been picking on me during football practice and I am thinking about putting Ex-lax in their gatorade.. or nails in their shoes.. what should I do..

Some guys have been picking on me at football practice?
kick their ***
Reply:get pissed off at them, which is helps you out like nitrous helps a car street racing

it worked for me my friends intentionally got me pissed and i kicked pretty much any lineman who came up to face me that day in football
Reply:Man up and use that anger on the field and prove yourself so they won%26#039;t pick on you.
Reply:Ignore them and play as hard as you can. Don%26#039;t let people get to your head, cause then they%26#039;ll start fulling with you more. Is there a specific reason why they are picking on you? Did you do anything %26quot;weird?%26quot;
Reply:Just play. Revenge would be to take one of their starting jobs....if they are starters. Work your butt off and embarrass them on the field.
Reply:First, never use being picked on at football practice as a reason to do something stupid. You are able to hit your teammates as hard as they hit you and you don%26#039;t have to be dirty. If you are in high school and play JV and people in the Varsity division are %26quot;picking on you%26quot; you can tell your JV teammates and embarrass the Varsity.

I know when I was on the JV the Varsity called us fresh meat, that pissed me off. On offense I played running back and would talked to the line every play. I can%26#039;t tell you how many first downs we got. On defense I played linebacker, and explained to my teammates I would stand the lead block up for the others to make the hit. The Varsity would have to run stairs. That didn%26#039;t always work, but we were never called fresh meat.
Reply:Always get back at them on the field. Knock their *** on the ground or fake them out real bad. Then they won%26#039;t say s%$t.
Reply:Confront your TEAM-MATES, and inform them that you feel that they are antagonizing you. Stand-up to them, and do your best to gain camaraderie with your team. And also, play the best you can. Don%26#039;t take the sneaky-sneaky revenge route, which will only make matters worse.
Reply:If you know anyone who has herpes, just get a hold of thier jock straps and have them lick the inside of it
Reply:Dont do anything mean to the that will made them mad or make fun of you even more. Just try to ignore them and play your hardest. Trust me, im a cheerleader and i have seen guys get picked on by the better players. Dont do anything mean, just show them that you can do better in football. (and try your hardest to be the best).
Reply:1. Don%26#039;t do anything stupid

2. Get mad and do something about it ON THE FIELD as in do ur best and make them look bad

3. Y r they picking on u? waddu do?
Reply:Don%26#039;t do anything bud...it will jsut get you in trouble and they will get off scotch free...just continue going out there and contributing to the team...do you stuff... do what you need to do to play....but just do what you do play football bud.
Reply:forget foot ball sports

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