Tuesday, April 14, 2009

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A married women has a lover who %26quot;visits%26quot; from time to time.

One day her 8 year old son hides in the wardrobe to see what they%26#039;re doing.

On that day her husband comes earlier from work, so the women hides the lover in that wardrobe.

The Son: %26quot;Dark in here.%26quot;

The Lover:%26quot;Yeah.%26quot;

The Son:%26quot;I have a football.%26quot;

The Lover:%26quot;Good for you.%26quot;

The Son:%26quot;Wanna buy it?%26quot;

The Lover:%26quot;No thanks.%26quot;

The Son:%26quot;My dad is just outside!%26quot;

The Lover:%26quot;Well...how much?%26quot;

The Son:%26quot;250 bucks.%26quot;

He buys it to stay safe. Some weeks later those two are again hidden in the same wardrobe.

The Son:%26quot;Dark in here.%26quot;

The Lover:%26quot;Yeah.%26quot;

The Son:%26quot;I have football-shoes.%26quot;

The Lover (sighs): %26quot; How much?%26quot;

The Son:%26quot;500 bucks.%26quot;

Some days later the father wants to play football with his son.

The son tell him he sold all his football equipment for 750 bucks.

His father is quite mad: %26quot;How can you cheat on your friends like that? I will take you to the church so you can confess these sins!

He takes his son to the confessional and closes the door.

The Son: %26quot;Dark in here.%26quot;

The Priest: %26quot;Stop that sh*t!!!%26quot;

Star if you like it 2?
Hahaha... funny... thanks anyway...
Reply:very good indeed, one of the rare jokes where the ending comes unexpectidly.
Reply:had heard it earlier... but still i laugh out loud for it... it%26#039;s one of my favorites....
Reply:heard it before but still funny
Reply:Good one! Funny!
Reply:that%26#039;s is totally funny and nice to read
Reply:Very funny!
Reply:good one
Reply:That was a good one.
Reply:I actually laughed out loud. =)
Reply:ha ha ha funny
Reply:ha ha ha.......funny,star for that joke

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