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Rangers Football Club, Should the SPL be extended for RFC?

Should the SPL season be extended to help Rangers%26#039; UEFA Cup bid?

Celtic have already said %26quot;no%26quot; to the debate, but what do you think?

I personally feel Rangers have done very well in both comps, and they are doing a good thing for not only them selfs, but for Scotland. So me personally the SPL should be extended for the Gers! Celtic would be selfish and say no, but I%26#039;m sure it would be a different story it being them in RFC%26#039;s shoes!

Rangers Football Club, Should the SPL be extended for RFC?
Well since we%26#039;ve carried the flag for scotland in europe for the last 20 years and its down to us that theres 2 champions league places celtic have a cheek saying no, but i suppose they need any advantage they can get this season.
Reply:Of course celtic have said no to it,they think it is an advantage for them if rangers are knackered.

Walter Smith has come out and said though he doesn%26#039;t want an extension either and I am with him on it.

If we had an extension on the league and then went on to get the quadruple all we would hear from the celtic fans is that the only reason we won it all was because of the extension.

So no,we can go out and do it ourselves without any help from anyone.
Reply:NO! If Rangers win the league, sorry, WHEN Rangers win the league, we want it done without any favours....and I sincerely hope if the scum continue to get late goals and pass us, then there will be no excuse from any true bluenose.

The fact the %26#039;Gers are in this position is proof enough of just how successful a turn-around Walter Smith has made since this time 12 months ago regardless of whether we win the Treble, Quadruple or whatever.

Again......my answer is no.....we don%26#039;t want any favours from the SPL, SFA or %26#039;Glasgow%26#039; Celtic.
Reply:Stop worrying by the time it comes to playing these games, the league will be won and we can play our reserves. That way we can keep our first team for the cup finals we will be in.
Reply:yes they should extend the league, not for rangers but for the better of scottish football. celtic dont want it simply because it gives them a better chance of winning.they themselves got a nine day break from the spl on their uefa cup final.
Reply:I%26#039;m a Gers fan,but i don%26#039;t think the season should be extended. I%26#039;m sure most teams would give almost anything to be in their position,and i doubt they would ask for the season to be extended on their behalf.
Reply:Well I don%26#039;t recall the season being extended for Celtic in 2003 or when Dundee Utd played 72 games in 1986/87 so no it shouldn%26#039;t be extended. If you want to be successful you need to play more games.
Reply:why didnt they ask at the start of the season - just in case.

sure extend it next time round or put a condition in so teams can have an extension, but not now at a crucial time - thats changing the rules

2-1 :):) :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)...
Reply:Aye and when Celtic got to Seville, okay there wasn%26#039;t the backlog the SFA have created, but I don%26#039;t remember any allowances being made. Let me know if I am wrong.
Reply:Nope as if they didn%26#039;t want to have to play 4 games in 8 days, then they shud have avoided countless replays and gave up on Europe.
Reply:I agree with Celtic why should it be they only have themselves to blame anyway they wont get to the final
Reply:If Wattie sez no, then that%26#039;s good enough. It will make the Quad all more sweet.
Reply:ladies n gents taigs n tims ur all forgeting 1 point here !!!


ginger baws cudny rally a fight outta they pu$$y bstrds last nite was a 1 aff !!!

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