Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Football and track?

this year in track as a 7th grader i ran a 25.9 in 200 and 58.0 in 400 and longest jump in long jump was 15.0 is this good some one compair to me i dont care if you guys are high schooolers or middel schoolers i put this in football becasue football people are best and is that a good speed for a WR i have good and fast cuts and good hands big hands and size 12 in shoe for a 7th grader so i can catch no nasty comments please i am the next chad johnson

Football and track?
well, for a 7th grader thats a pretty good 400 time. I ran it in 56.(8th grade) i dont run the 200 so i wouldnt know. as for long jump is ok i guess. my friend jumps 16. somethin. (again, 8th grade) but yeah i can see u as a good reciever. do u know ure 40 time? but hey if ure wanting to be the next chad johnson your gonna have to work pretty freakin hard. i hope everything works out and talk to me if u want some more advice.

good luck man :)
Reply:I%26#039;m in seventh and i jumped 16feet ftw. I had no where near as fast as your 400though, about a second off of your 200.

Well, keep on improving on them hands.

And wouldn%26#039;t you rather be Larry Fitzgerald or Marvin Harrison much more than a dysfunctional wr? i would.
Reply:ok being the next xhad johnson is crazy

but yah you have good spped in fact faster than lots of high schollers on osme track teams.

ummm but chad has amazing hands and is a great route runner if you can do tht u cool
Reply:You%26#039;re the next Chad Johnson? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha
Reply:Better work on your TD dance Chad
Reply:ur 400 time is really good but lets be real Ocho Cinco i dont think so i mean yea i want to be the next champ bailey
Reply:i dont know if you want to be the next chad johnson

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