Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Running shoes?

i run on the fields behind my home and as i live in england they are more often than not muddy. i started off with trainers but it was far too slippery so i switched to football boots with blades. i would assume they are okay to run in and wont hurt my feet (footballers do run after all). : )

i just want to know if they are okay to run in and wont damage my feet?

Running shoes?
I think if your feet are comfortable in them you%26#039;ll be fine they probably don%26#039;t have the nice cushioned soul of a running shoe, but you don%26#039;t need that kinda of support if your running in the conditions you described, just watch out for any roads you might have to cross cleats can be dangerously slippery on hard surfaces .Have fun
Reply:u cant run as fast as u do with your spikes... it doesn%26#039;t make any effect on your running... your speed remains the same...

u%26#039;ll not have a good balance...

so it is better to use spikes shoes...
Reply:i dont think that football boots are made to be run in alot i dont thik that they give you enoughrt when you run....

but if they feel fine to you than its ok

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