Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Football game/dance friday.?

Ok so I%26#039;m going to the Homecoming game/dance friday and I have my outfit and all but I kinda think I%26#039;m dressing like a s l u t so tell me what ya%26#039;ll think. (Be honest you won%26#039;t hurt my feelings!)

This top:


These jeans:


And these shoes (I%26#039;m wearing flip flops to the game and I%26#039;m gonna take these off to dance...and please excuse that they%26#039;re dirty LoL)


As I said I just want an opinion (cause your friends will always tell you what you wanna hear not the truth) and you won%26#039;t hurt my feelings!!


Football game/dance friday.?
i don%26#039;t think it%26#039;s s-l-u-t-t-y at all. but then again, it may look different on. looks cute and girly. maybe throw on a cute little white cardigan over it.

have fun!
Reply:first how is the weather it is cool in Oct then next the clothe look like they just come out on the washing machine the shoe is dirty it is Oct once again them shoe an shirt can be found on the clearance rack at lease iron them

car makes

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