Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Where can I get size 14 trainers? I live in the UK.?

For my son. Football shoes etc.

Where can I get size 14 trainers? I live in the UK.?
Hiyaaaa :x Heres Aa Website Were You Can Get Aa Size 14 Shoe :x ;;) %26gt;%26gt; http://www.walktall.co.uk/index.php/cPat... %26lt;%26lt; Amyyy x x
Reply:www. boats r,us.com.
Reply:try a sports shop sometimes have big sizes
Reply:tried these? they are on most high streets and are MEGA cheap, 70% off brand names, my son shops there all the time, worth a look, they were in the other day and came back and told me the one in Glasgow, was now stocking size 13+.

Reply:Hi,look on this site www.gfootwear.co.uk

good Luck
Reply:Try these websites www.walktall.co.uk %26amp; bigtallorder.co.uk/footwear
Reply:do they have %26quot;catapillars%26quot; mens work/sport shoes there in England?... they have up to 14..
Reply:At first this ? looked pretty funny.
Reply:try ebay x
Reply:the big man shop in newcastle
Reply:The Big and Tall shop in London opposite Harrods. My friend has size fifteen feet and every time he needs some shoes he has to drive all the way there! I hope London%26#039;s near you!!
Reply:Well I think the best place too look for sports shoes is online stores. The best suggestions would be http://www.ebay.co.uk/ or http://amazon.co.uk/ . You will probably find everything you need there.
Reply:http://clothes.search.ebay.co.uk/trainer... http://sports.search.ebay.co.uk/trainers...
Reply:Ask the yeti where he gets his


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