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Teens do you wish your parents could spend a week in your shoes and parents vice versa?

From a personal stand point I am really sick of my parents telling me what an easy life I have. If after 18 years they think that i have had it easy then they really don%26#039;t know me. My life has been the complete opposite of easy. I almost died from a gun shot wound when i was 8, 2 of my older siblings died from gangs, my younger brother had a child when he was 14, i have been raising that child most of the time, i have a girlfriend of 2 years, about to have a child of my own, have a full ride to LSU next year playing football, 35 on my ACT, 2230 on my SAT, 4.0 GPA, and my parents for some reason still expect more from me when i have nothing left to give. Between trying to keep my brother focused on school and not the girls, keeping my grades up, keepying my girlfriend happy, running the house until my parents get off of work, and sports, i am mentally tired. I just wish my parents could spend one week in my shoes, so they could see all of the pressures i face day after day.

Teens do you wish your parents could spend a week in your shoes and parents vice versa?
heckk yes then they%26#039;d realize that its hard to be the daughter that they want me to be. you know those perfect freaky ones that have no friends or lives

and they keep saying aww its so easy do this do that

well why dont you try it, especially my sis they%26#039;d realize what a pain she is.

but i know for sure that there life is harder paying bills, putting a roof over our heads, food on the table, clothes to wear, school, and soo much more
Reply:As a parent i would like my kids to see how hard it is to keep a roof over there heads and food on the table. I will tell them that if they think there life is tough move out and support themselves, get a job and make there own life. When you have your baby i think you will see how hard it is to actually try and raise a baby into the adult you want them to be.. Somehow I think you will do a fine job..
Reply:You will spend a week in their shoes when you have that baby and the responsibility hits. Though being a teen has it%26#039;s tough spots too. However, if I had to trade anyone places it would be my husband. Let him see what it%26#039;s like in a mom of two and one on the way%26#039;s shoes!
Reply:Yes!! My parents think my life is soooo easy. Though, I%26#039;d rather NOT spend a day in my parents life. My dad works for this crappy lady named Robin who he called a pig(and he has a lot of patience) and my mom works with special ed so I%26#039;m fine in my shoes!!!
Reply:you are a great guy. if you could mange these all difficulties on your own, it shows that you have the potential to do more for your self and your family. i am pleased to inform you that your parents are very closely watching you and they have the confidence on you.

why do you take them as ignorant? do not forget they both had passed the same path in different circumstances while they were young and even in bringing you up. they knew the problem and life was also a challenge for them. try to understand and appreciate their concern.

why do you think you have reached to a point not able to give much more? please don%26#039;t give up !! see your results with a GPA of 4.0, you could be somebody. the journey just started, you have a long way to go, keep on exercising not to be a member to the dropouts. remember, if you are on the right track, you are the first to enjoy the best life ever.
Reply:well ya know im a teen and a mom, so i have both views...and you have to remember that your parents were teens once and have good throught most of the stuff your goin throu. maybe you can just talk to them and tell them that your feeling really stressed and overwhelmed and you would like for them to not put as much pressure on you, your doin the best that you can. and congrats on the baby, it tough but more than worth it.
Reply:My parents would never be able to handle being in my shoes. My life is just as crazy as anyone else with my heavy load of classes etc....
Reply:I am with you on this.

It%26#039;s hard because i think sometimes parents forget what it%26#039;s like dealing with some of the things we do today. Especially since things have changed severely since there generation was our age.
Reply:I definetley want to see what my mom%26#039;s life is like. I wish she would be able to live in my life. I think that she thinks, that because I live a very charmed life, with nothing to worry about fiancially, that my life is easy, but sadly she does not know that half of it. Times have changed since my parents or your parents have gone to school.

Good question! Star for You!!!

Reply:YEAH! Of course, they throw all this **** on me and expect me to do it. I bet they couldn%26#039;t last a week in my shoes.
Reply:I really wish my parents could spend a week being me but I don%26#039;t know if I want to be in their shoes. I%26#039;m just 13. I can%26#039;t be running around town, picking up people and dropping them off, paying bills, and etc.
Reply:of course I%26#039;ll like
Reply:Yes. I do wish they could spend a week in my shoes.

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